Outcome based professional services

Our sister company Stellarmann offers outcome based professional services to clients in the insurance, financial services and central government sectors. Stellarmann launched in 2020 under the name William Alexander Consulting when clients told us they wanted to attract the very best of the UK’s contractors, whilst saying compliant with IR35 legislation.

Since then, they have successfully built all-star teams across dozens of technology and business transformation programmes.

Stellarmann brings together exceptional people for your project and a shared risk model that sees them only get paid when deliverables are achieved. Add to that a premier league team of delivery managers. They produce robust Statements of Work and remove the headache of line management, resulting in a winning combination for clients.

Skin in the game

You’ll only pay the final costs when the Stellarmann team have completed the agreed outcomes. It’s a surefire way to keep them focused and accountable.

Accept no substitutes

Stellarmann doesn't carry the overhead of a permanent bench of consultants who risk being rotated onto other projects. You get the A-team for the duration of the engagement.

Rapid onboarding

It typically takes 7-10 days from your request to have our associates signed up. Compliance checks and getting IT sorted can be done in 3 days.

Built-in project champion

It’s Stellarmann's job to check in with the team, keep them on track against the agreed SoW, make sure they’re happy and nip any performance management issues in the bud.

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