Candidate Testimonials

"Having contracted through William Alexander for over 2 years now, at two separate clients, I can honestly say they are different.  I don’t get bombarded with emails or nuisance calls about contracts I wouldn’t be interested in, I’ve had some nice coffees and lunches and all of the agents I have dealt with have been helpful and professional, at times, even fun to talk to!

The admin is easy and straight forward, timesheets so simple I sometimes wonder if I’ve forgotten something, and I have never had an issue with payments.

I would highly recommend working with William Alexander and they will be the first people I contact in the future."

Business Analyst

"I've been placed by William Alexander at two clients now, with the resulting contracts covering four of the past four and a half years.

In both cases the experience has been like a breath of fresh air in comparison to the numerous incompetent or unscrupulous agencies I've dealt with in the past.

Will, Alex and the team at William Alexander have restored my faith. They have been nothing but honest, straightforward and efficient from the outset. I can (and do) heartily recommend them to other contractors as a company to be trusted."

Development Lead/ Architect

"I have been contracting with William Alexander for nearly five years now and throughout this time Alex and the team have been really exceptional and have always made themselves available to answer any queries or concerns. 

They have a really simple to use online timesheet system, payments are always made on time and they always communicate with me about contract extensions well in advance. I am very happy working with Alex and team and hope to continue to do so for a good while to come."

Senior Developer

"I have contracted through William Alexander for over 18 months and they are the best agency I’ve ever used.  Their approach is modern and simple and the whole process from interview through to starting work was expedited with a minimum of fuss. 
I feel they look after my interests with the client and I am well represented.  The whole monthly timesheet process is online and simple, and they pay up on time without fail.  The team are friendly and helpful if ever you need to speak to them, and whilst they are always professional you can have a laugh with them because they don’t take themselves too seriously!

I would recommend William Alexander as a top notch agency to anyone!"

Service Manager

“I contracted through William Alexander for just over a year which saw me through one renewal with the same client.

From start to finish all communication was very good – From discussing interview details, client requirements through to commencement of the contract, it was all very professional, detailed and relevant. The on-boarding process was quick, painless and very simple - I have contracted through many different agencies and the experience of working through William Alexander was somewhat of a pleasant surprise even compared to some of the much bigger players.

There were never any problems with the admin side of things (payments, time sheet submissions) and thus I was able to focus 100% on completing the project for the end client without any unnecessary worries.

Throughout the duration of my contract I was updated on all relevant details by William Alexander and at the appropriate time discussions were conducted regarding renewal terms, again removing any unknowns. 

I would definitely recommend working with William Alexander and hope to work through them again in future.”

Senior Developer

“I've contracted twice through William Alexander at 2 different clients on long term contracts. The communication and response from William Alexander have been excellent, straightforward and informative during the process of first contact to job offer.  

The timesheet platform is simple, pay is always on time and contracts are renewed without any problems. I would highly recommend William Alexander and would love to work with them again someday.”

Executive IT Support 

"My experience with William Alexander contracting was one I hold in high regard and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new role. 

The professionalism from my recruiter and the process from interview to joining a firm, to the timesheets- is more than I have experienced with any other recruitment company. The team are exceptional in all aspects and are very approachable should you need to ask anything."

IT Support Analyst