Working in close collaboration with our partners, Brookson Legal Services (the only SRA accredited law firm specialising in IR35), Lawspeed (who drafted the UK’s first IR35 friendly contract) and Kingsbridge Group, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the off-payroll legislation and have developed a number of tailored IR35 solutions for our clients: 


William Alexander have partnered with Kingsbridge Group to provide an award-winning IR35 solution that manages the entire IR35 process, from status assessment to process consultation, so you can confidently and compliantly maintain your flexible workforce outside IR35, all of which we can provide you FREE OF CHARGE. 

Furthermore, we also provide you with IR35 insurance covered by Kingsbridge’s market-leading IR35 insurance policy, (underwritten by Zurich Insurance) that protects the whole supply chain (including end client, agency and contractor) for up to both £100k legal defence costs and £100k tax liability per contractor FREE OF CHARGE. 

Using the Kingsbridge solution & maintaining your flexible workforce will:
  • Give you access to the best talent on the market
  • Prevent disruption to your projects
  • Help you maintain a compliant workforce
  • Remove your tax liability
  • Save you time and money by outsourcing the assessment process

How does the Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool work?

The Kingsbridge IR35 Status Tool, developed by Andy Vessey ATT, takes a best-of-both approach, allying a custom-designed automated process with in-house expert consultancy to provide the quickest, most accurate IR35 status result available. 

If it’s a clear-cut case, the tool generates an instant determination, as well as a comprehensive report that pulls through the notable positives or negatives of a given engagement, as well as an official Status Determination Statement (SDS) that you can supply to the contractor and the supply chain. If it’s a borderline result, the answers given are manually reviewed by Kingsbridge’s in-house IR35 specialists.


We will work closely with any contractors assessed to be inside IR35 (or where clients have banned PSC’s from the supply chain) and ensure they are properly informed about their situation; that they understand why their engagement has been deemed within IR35 and provide them with assistance in finding a fully compliant solution where they are properly taxed at source, and the client would be fully protected from any future tax liabilities.


Engaging with William Alexander Consulting enables you to access the very best expertise from the UK’s flexible, contractor workforce without any risks from IR35.  

We do this by transforming the way you engage resources from recruitment-based engagements into outcome-based services engagements underneath Statements of Work (SoW).

Please visit our Statement of Work web page to find out more.