Core Values

William Alexander was founded with a set of four deeply held core values; quality, integrity, collaboration and delivery.

These are not merely words. They represent the standards under which all staff at William Alexander work and against which the performance of every employee is assessed. They are a reference point for all aspects of our working relationships with our colleagues, our clients, candidates and suppliers alike.

We also believe that holding true to these core values will be fundamental to us achieving long term success.


Our ‘measure twice and build once’ ethos ensures we really understand our client needs. Our genuine interest, attention to detail and personal touches elevate the quality of our service above the competition.


Our ethics mean we’re fair, honest and transparent, even if the news isn’t great. We avoid easy answers if they’re not in our and your longer term interests. Promises are kept. Feedback is constructive. BS is not OK.


At William Alexander, collaboration means an environment where there is no such thing as a silly question and everyone shares their time and knowledge generously. We partner with our clients and suppliers to achieve shared goals. We treat everyone with equal respect. We celebrate each other's successes, from a quiet “well done” to an epic party.


Our culture focuses on working hard to get the job done. We are positive and forward-thinking about finding solutions. We operate at a fast pace with high energy and are driven by our passion to deliver.