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Our Approach

“Measure it twice and build it once”

William Alexander has an established and “best in class” recruitment process which we employ for all our Retained and/or Exclusive assignments as well as certain contingent recruitment vacancies where we are working with a preferred client and have the necessary degree of client commitment in order for our processes to be utilised effectively.  

This process differentiates us from the vast majority of our competitors and has led to us having some of the best CV-to-interview and interview-to-placement ratios in the industry - resulting in significant time savings for our clients, our consultants and our candidates alike.

The Brief

We invest significant time and effort with our client’s up front to ensure we fully understand their work culture, benefits package, organisational and team structures and business goals. 

We then take a detailed briefing with each line manager for each new vacancy to make sure we fully understand the specific responsibilities and experience requirements for each role in order for us to identify the right candidates

Just as importantly we also ascertain the information that will allow us to promote the opportunity properly to candidates and make sure that your vacancy stands out above other similar vacancies in the marketplace.

In our experience this initial stage is the most important part of the process and it is essential to get this part of the process right. 

The Search

Only once we have gained a thorough understanding of your requirements do we begin a targeted and methodical search.

The Client Account Manager will brief our specialist team of Researchers who then carry out initial searches and preliminary candidate telephone screenings. They then provide Account Managers with a candidate long-list for each role.

We tailor our candidate sourcing approach for each vacancy but it would generally involve a combination of advertising, database searching, on-line database searching and referrals. Much like our competitors.

Where we do differ however is in the quality of our own specialist candidate networks and database- due to the fact we specialise in vertical markets - and because we actively head-hunt for the majority of our roles and aim to populate at least half our client shortlists with passive candidates. Unlike most of our competitors.


 The Account Manager will then invest time analysing CV’s, holding informal conversations and interviews with long-listed candidates and go about establishing that they have the necessary experience, competencies and culture fit for your requirements.

We also take the time to properly understand a candidate’s needs, wants and aspirations to ensure that not only is the candidate a good fit for our client, but that our client is also a good fit for the candidate; something we view as equally important.

Once this process is completed the Account Manager will select a short-list of 3-4 candidates and present them to the client, wherever possible face-to-face. At this short list meeting (or by email if this isn't possible), we will also provide a detailed report summarising our thoughts on the short-listed candidates, making recommendations on those we believe to be most suitable for interview.

All candidates we represent will, as a matter of course, have been fully briefed on the identity of the client, the nature of the role and will have demonstrated a genuine interest in the opportunity as well as being available within the time-scales and budget specified by the client.

Interview PROCESS

We provide each candidate with all the necessary information they will require in order to carry out a successful interview and give the best account of themselves. We give them full details of who they will be meeting, directions, duration and format of the interview and make sure that each candidate understands the full specifications of the job for which they are interviewing and the client's expectations of them at interview. 

Following the interview, we thoroughly debrief both the client and the candidates and broker communications between all parties.

Choosing the best candidate

Once all interviews have taken place we facilitate open communication that includes full disclosure of both the client and candidate interests and concerns. 

We work closely with the client to ensure the strengths and weaknesses of all potential matches are clearly understood and assist the client with their decision making to the best of our ability.

Developing the best offer

We then work closely with our clients to develop the right offer for the selected candidate that only will the candidate be happy to accept, but that will also represent a fair offer in the marketplace and achieve the best long term value for our client. 

offer negotiation and on-boarding

We then present the offer to the candidate on behalf of our client’s organisation. This approach allows both parties to candidly express concerns and ask questions openly. 

Upon acceptance, start dates are determined and we coach candidates through their resignations, prepare them for any counter offers and maintain regular communications until they start on site. All the while ensuring that we will not let your candidate’s interest drop or their enthusiasm fail. 

We will also represent our client in the best possible light to all candidates spoken with throughout the whole recruitment process and take our role as client brand ambassadors very seriously.